In the Media

Andrew Turner Auctions has unearthed quite a bit of history over the years.  Here’s a few of the cool, newsworthy items we’ve come across.

"The Overlooked" Youtube Series

'Robbery & Murder," and other Iron Cross propaganda

Military medals have been used as propaganda tools by the enemy. Case in point: the Iron Cross.

War Dog Letter

A document collector has a cryptic letter between a soldier and another military man. The soldier explains that military investigators have questioned him about a man named Prestre - specifically about his character and qualifications as a dog trainer. The military put great effort into a new "War Dogs" program during WWII. What went wrong on Cat Island?

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Auction House Returns KC Jazz Relics to Icon’s Grandson

KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Items purchased at an estate sale in 2010 for Kansas City jazz legend — Oscar “Lucky” Wesley have turned up. The icon’s grandson is thankful he’s getting back a piece of family history…

Explore Auctions for Home Decor Treasures

Everyone loves a deal, and most everyone loves competition.  Combine the two with local auctions, and it’s an all-American free for all where folks are trying to beat one another for a budget-friendly victory…

Military Trader Talks with Vonn Krueger, WWII Artifact Expert

Krueger’s interest in collecting began in high school.  “We had a history teacher who encouraged us to bring war relics to school,” he said. “It was mainly stuff from the Civil War, WWI and WWII: Guns, bayonetts, swords – all that stuff.”

KCUR Speaks with Small Businesses About Coronavirus

Andrew Turner owns an auction house in the East Bottoms area of Kansas City, Missouri. He had to shut his business down two weeks ago after the city declared a state of emergency. 

“It’s just kind of been a nightmare,” said Turner. “There’s been zero business, and it’s hard to manage with nothing coming in.”

The Changing Face of Auctions

Forget the quaint ‘Colonel’ auctioneer. Today’s auction houses are growing in sophistication and adaptability.