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Need it Gone?  We do Both!

As a licensed real estate agent serving Kansas and Missouri, we work with the best Realtors® in the Kansas City metro area and provide you with a top tier experience selling (or buying) a home. We can clear the contents and get in on the market fast. Call 816.960.4664 or email

It’s a Different World…

Increasingly, most younger people just aren’t interested in many of our past generation’s prized possessions.  While stunning, Grandma’s china has been replaced with drive-thru runs and paper plates. Convenience rules the day. What might have cost thousands 50 or more years ago can retain little-to-no value in today’s market.  Yet, the trinket that’s been tucked away inside that cabinet could pay for a month’s mortgage.  Check the lists below, but feel free to give us a call at 816.960.4664 or email Andrew and we’ll do our best to give you an honest evaluation.

What Items Do We Accept?

We Generally accept: furniture, jewelry, antiques, collectibles, and artwork. Specifically: we like to sell quality, antique, and utility furniture as well as tools, gold and silver, military related items (all time periods and countries – we especially buy and sell WWI and WWII material: US, German, Japanese, and other countries; we also buy and sell Vietnam related militaria in the Kansas City area – and are interested in any military relics.), some firearms (pre 1899 manufacture only, will work to sell collections and quality pieces under sale brokered under FFL holder) retro and vintage items, mucical instruments, records, coins, gold, silver and costume jewelry, vintage toys, many different types of artwork, vinyl records, old toys (cast iron, tin litho sheet metal, Barbie, pop culture, tv and radio, brewery and distillery related, Americana, bizarre and macabre (within reason), action figures, etc., sports memorabilia, Kansas City and other regional history items – the list goes on and on. We do have an appreciation for items often overlooked by other Kansas City auction and estate sale companies – unique items catch our eye, and we are often able to relay the quality of such items to our bidders. Again, call 816.960.4664 to discuss.

What Items Do We Not Accept?

Every day use items are best donated to thrift stores: coffee cups, toaster ovens, clothes, bedding, workout equipment, etc. Books (unless old or otherwise desirable) and VHS tapes/machines fall into the above category as well. . However, when we provide total estate cleanout services in Kansas City – we are able to dispose of these items if necessary.

How quick do consignors get paid? Checks are mailed approximately ten business days of auction closing.
Consignment is dropped off by appointment only – generally on Monday or Friday between 10-3. Call 816.960.4664 to discuss items for consignment and schedule dropoff.

Should I consign my items or take them to the thrift store? If “thrift store” even entered your mind during the decision process, that is exactly where you should take them.

How many people attend your Thursday night Kansas City auctions? We consistently have about 100 – 150 present at each event, with new customers added every week.

Do you offer other Kansas City estate sale services? We also do estate sales, direct buy individual items or entire estates, perform total estate clean-outs and junk removal, offer basic appraisal services, and more. We realize the goals of each Kansas City estate executor, or banking/legal professional, can be different – we’ll offer our expertise free of charge, call 816.960.4664 today for a consultation.

Do you offer free appraisals? We are happy to help you determine an approximate value for your items, within reason. If the process is time/effort extensive there be will be a reasonable charge. Our specialties include, but are not limited to: militaria, retro/vintage, pop culture, primitives, firearms, edged weapons, and ephemera. 

To contact us about your prospective consignment, give us a call at (816) 960-4664 or click the button below.