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Andrew Turner Auctions is Kansas City’s Premier Estate Liquidation and Public Consignment Auction Service

Our public auctions are generally held every Thursday in the company’s Midtown Kansas City auction facility: 1801 Guinotte, Kansas City, MO, 64120. Auctions begin at 6:00 pm with preview available after 5:00 pm. Auctions are usually finished by 10:00 pm – or earlier. Photo and video previews are posted towards the beginning of each week in which a Thursday night auction is held.

Won items must be removed auction night or Friday between 10-3. Additional arrangements may be made.

We’re lucky enough to have some of the best in the business working for us here at Andrew Turner Auctions, take a look at the bios of our team below to learn more! 

The ATAKC Team

Andrew Turner

Andrew Turner is a graduate of the Missouri Auction School, and a fifteen year veteran of the auction industry. Andrew is the owner of the Kansas City auction house, and personally calls each and every auction. He is also a licensed real estate agent serving Kansas and Missouri through Keller Williams – he can sell your house, and everything in it, an option not offered by other realtors. Prior to starting his own auction company in Kansas City, Missouri, Turner served in a corporate Pubic Relations and Marketing capacity. He is also incredibly handsome and loved by all he meets.

Vonn Kreuger

Vonn Krueger is a well known militaria collector and considered an expert in WWII German material. Hailing from Skyler, Nebraska he is a lifelong veteran of the auction industry. From automobiles to Zippo lighters, Vonn knows a little bit about everything. He takes point picking estates and collections, and does ring work at auction events. He is widely known as: “The Mustache of Knowledge”. Learn more about Vonn >

Chad Boydston

Chad Boydston also helps pick estates, set up each auction, and rings on Thursday nights. He plays trumpet in the Kansas City band The Grand Marquis and is an trumpet aficionado and collector. Chad has a knack for identifying over looked items, he continually locates the proverbial “needle in a haystack”. He likes autumn afternoons, walks in the park, beer drinking, and playing with his cats (who know too much).

Rachael Zevecke

.Rachael Zevecke is an auction customer turned employee. She mainly works as cashier, but “ain’t scared” to go out with the guys on a pick, set up an auction, or consult about consignment. If you’ve placed an absentee bid, she’s probably the one handling it. She’s pretty, strong, cusses like a sailor, is a world traveler, kicked breast cancer’s ass, and loves going to Burning Man.

Koleton Krueger

Koleton Krueger is just a kid. Vonn’s kid as a matter of fact, and he’s one sharp dude. He’s worked at the auction through high school, college, and now as a US government employee. He clerks like a madman, and being Vonn’s son he probably knows more about auctions and collectibles than any of us realize. He also picks estates with the rest of the gang and probably drinks too much Mountain Dew.

Amy Farrand

Amy is a long time veteran of the Kansas City music scene and currently the lead of the genre defying Amy Farrand and the Like. She sets up the auction, works the ring and the camera from time to time, and is an art hanger like no other. She takes shit from no one and is the heiress of Kansas City’s own Farrand Family Farms.

Frank Willis

Seems like everyone knows Frank. He’s been around this hustle in Kansas City for decades. Frank sets up the auction, goes on a pick from time to time, and used to be the second auctioneer on Thursday nights until he realized he’d rather be home with his wife. Can’t blame him one little bit. Frank is a huge believer in the phrase “Do YOUR Part” and single-handedly recycles TONS of glass and metal from this place each year. He also wears a hardhat while working and nobody knows why.

Natalie Prauser

Natalie blew in with the wind a couple years ago or so and the place hasn’t been the same since. She works in the office during the week and cannot stand what a mess this place is. She’s always cleaning up in vain and upset when it doesn’t stay that way (nature of the beast here at the auction). She cashiers during most auctions and is, in fact, a very talented country music artist and cinematographer  – find out more here.

Julia Krueger